In "The Monkey's Paw," what happens immediately after Mr. White wishes for 200 pounds?

When Mr. White wishes for two hundred pounds in "The Monkey's Paw," there is a loud crash from the piano, and the monkey's paw seems to twist in his hand, which makes him shriek in fear.

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The details surrounding the monkey's paw contribute to the eerie and foreboding tone of the short story, and the sense of darkness surrounding the monkey's paw increases just after Mr. White makes his wish.

It isn't even Mr. White's idea to wish for the money. Just prior to this moment, he comments that he doesn't know what to wish for because he has everything he could possibly need. It is his son, Herbert, who suggests that his father wish for enough money to pay off their home, adding that it would take two hundred pounds to accomplish this goal. Herbert sits down at the piano and begins to play a chord.

Mr. White distinctly makes his wish for two hundred pounds, and this is immediately followed by a "fine crash" from the piano at which Herbert has been sitting. Mr. White cries out as his wife and son rush toward him.

Clearly Mr. White has been horrified by more than the piano discord, and he informs his family that the monkey's paw "twisted in [his] hands like a snake." Herbert then...

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