In The Metamorphosis, how do Gregor's feelings towards his family change over the course of the story?

In the course of The Metamorphosis, Gregor's feelings towards his family change less than his family's feelings towards him. He retains mingled emotions of duty, love, and resentment towards them. However, by the time he is dying, love has come to predominate.

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Gregor has a complex set of emotions towards his family. His feelings towards them, however, change far less than their feelings toward him.

Throughout the story, Gregor has a great sense of duty and concern for his family. He is willing to sacrifice his needs for their benefit. He also feels love towards them, mingled with resentment that he has to work in a dehumanizing job that he loathes as a traveling salesman to help pay their debts.

This sense of mingled duty, love, and resentment does not change much during the course of the novella. However, his family does change toward him, including his beloved sister Grete. They all grow increasingly to fear and resent him as a drag on their lives once he takes on an insect form and no longer can either work or speak to them. Grete expresses the family's feelings near the end, when she says he is no longer their Gregor. If he was, she says, he would have realized how hard the situation was and left them already. Instead, she says, they have...

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