In The Little Clay Cart, who killed Vasantasen?

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Just to clarify, Vasantasen is only believed to be dead in the story. She is attacked when she goes to the park to meet her lover Chrudatta. She is choked by Samsthnaka, who is jealous that she loves another. Vasantasen is assumed dead but is actually rescued by a Buddhist monk. As a result, Chrudatta is wrongfully accused of murder, yet as the trial is underway, Vasantasen is recovering from her attack. The trial concludes with a guilty verdict, and her lover is condemned to death. Learning of Chrudatta's fate, Vasantasen appears at his execution, proving that he committed no crime. Vasantasen's saving of her lover at the very last minute builds suspense in the story, which is characteristic of drama as a genre.

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