The Lake Isle of Innisfree Questions and Answers
by William Butler Yeats

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In "The Lake Isle of Innisfree," what is the speaker seeking in the place he wants to go forever?

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In this poem, the speaker wishes to go to Innisfree to obtain the peace and solitary pleasures of life. This place is the setting where Yeats spent his childhood years. Now situated in the bustling, chaotic city, he wishes to escape his urban setting. He fantasizes about the new comforts he will create when he returns to this childhood place he craves. He will build a small cabin, grow beans, and indulge in the sights and sounds of nature. Here, surrounded by the sounds of the water of the lake and the songs of the crickets and bees, he will remain forever. The speaker's longings in this poem represent a common human desire to return to one's roots, and an individual's desire to find solace and comfort in the enduring tranquility which only nature can provide.

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