The House on Mango Street Questions and Answers
by Sandra Cisneros

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In The House on Mango Street, what chapters showcase determination in this novel?

Several chapters in The House on Mango Street showcase determination. “My Name” highlights the protagonist’s early observations on her quest for self-determination. “Bums in the Attic” presents Esperanza’s growth on her journey toward maturity. “A House of My Own” showcases Esperanza’s personal vision of her future, with no strings attached.

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The 1984 work The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros presents the journey to maturity of the protagonist Esperanza as she attempts to break away from poverty in her community and become a responsible individual. Her quest to achieve self-determination is demonstrated by the author through a series of vignettes about her experiences growing up in a segregated Latino neighborhood.

This entire book deals with Esperanza’s perspective of her slice of the world. As such, the author leaves clues as to how the protagonist absorbs her surroundings. Her observations all add to her resolve to change her life in a positive manner. There are three vignettes that predominantly highlight her determination.

In “My Name,” the narrator identifies herself as Esperanza and points out that her name translates to “hope” in her native Spanish tongue. In a very moving passage, she recalls how her great-grandmother whom she never met, in the Mexican tradition in which they “don’t like their women...

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