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In "The Hate U Give" how does Starr navigate successfully between her two worlds of where she goes to school and where she lives?

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The unfortunate reality is that Starr has a hard time navigating between her two worlds. In Garden Heights, where she lives, she feels that she no longer fits in, because instead of going to a local school, she attends a prestigious prep school on the other side of town. At school, on the other hand, she is in the unfortunate position of being one of a very small number of black students in a predominantly white student body.

Starr is a generally likable person, and she fits into both environments as best she can. At the beginning of this book, she is at a party with the Garden Heights kids, which shows that she is still socially accepted among her peers in the area in which she and her family live. The fact that she is dating a white boy from Williamson Prep shows that at least to some degree, she fits in there socially as well.

In the aftermath of Khalil’s murder, however, she starts to be more aware of the racist undercurrents and vibes at Williamson. The fact that Williamson kids join in the protests after Khalil’s death should, on one level, make Starr feel as though her two worlds are coming closer together. On the other hand, the fact that she knows some kids are only participating to get out of class actually makes her feel worse.

In a nutshell, it is never easy to be the odd one out. Starr feels this both among her friends in her neighborhood and among her classmates.

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