In The Great Gatsby, why does Nick call Tom and Daisy "careless people"?

In The Great Gatsby, Nick calls Tom and Daisy "careless people" because he has seen them ruin lives and then hide behind their wealth, disregard the consequences of their actions, and display insensitivity and thoughtlessness.

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Nick calls Tom and Daisy "careless people" because he recognizes them as selfish, insensitive individuals who take advantage of people and retreat back into their money without accepting responsibility for their actions. After spending time with the Buchanans, Nick is appalled by their lifestyle and reckless decisions. Nick witnesses Tom physically, verbally, and emotionally abuse Myrtle Wilson while simultaneously manipulating her husband and undermining his marriage. Since Tom is extremely wealthy, he thinks he is untouchable and even lies to George about Gatsby's involvement in his wife's death. Tom's lie results in Gatsby's death.

Nick also views Daisy as a corrupt, self-centered woman who "smashed up things" and left others to clean up the mess. Nick is disgusted by Daisy's treatment of Gatsby and knows she blamed him for Myrtle's death. Although she is unfaithful to Tom, she looks to him for support when her situation becomes dire. Both Daisy and Tom are only concerned about themselves...

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