In the Great Gatsby, what is the date of the party that Nick has a guest list for? How might that be symbolic?

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In chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby, Nick recounts a record of the guests who attended Gatsby’s party on July 5, 1922. The event’s date is significantly symbolic because it is one day after American Independence Day. Like Gatsby, his party is a bit off the mark; it occurs not on the actual holiday but right after it. Just as Gatsby misses infiltrating the truly patrician, old-money society that Daisy occupies, his bash just misses the truly celebrated Fourth of July. The novel explores the failure of the American Dream and Gatsby as an outsider; similarly, his party fails to happen on American’s birthday but remains more like a second-rate after-party or second-class gathering.

Gatsby’s guest list includes moneyed but second-class or less honorable citizens as well. For example, Nick lists people such as:

  • The Leeches (the name appropriately symbolizes parasites that freeload off of Gatsby)
  • Doctor...

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