In The Great Gatsby, what is Gatsby's reply when Nick says you can't repeat the past, and why is that his reply?

To Nick's statement that "you can't repeat the past," Gatsby replies incredulously, "Can't repeat the past? Why of course you can!" Gatsby is confident that he will be able to repeat the past of when he and Daisy first met now that he has the money to attract her attention. His view is very simplistic and naïve.

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Following one of Gatsby's summer parties, Gatsby complains that Daisy did not enjoy herself and tells Nick that it is hard to make Daisy "understand." Nick Carraway mentions that Gatsby wanted nothing less of Daisy than for her to tell Tom that she never loved him and get a divorce. Nick understands that Gatsby is being completely unreasonable and says that he "can't repeat the past."

Gatsby responds to Nick's rational comment by saying, "Can't repeat the past? ... Why of course you can! ... I'm going to fix everything just the way it was before ... She'll see." Gatsby has been enamored with Daisy for the past five years and has recreated his version of reality to include her as his wife. Gatsby is a dreamer who is completely disconnected from reality and refuses to accept that life has irrevocably changed since he dated Daisy.

Gatsby's faith in his dreams stems from his incredible ability to achieve nearly impossible feats. He has raised himself from the depths of poverty, ascended the social...

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