In The Great Gatsby, Tom and Daisy are a part of the established upper class, while Gatsby is part of the class known as the nouveau riche. Decide which social group you would want to belong, to and explain why.

When deciding whether one would want to belong to the upper class or the nouveau riche, one might consider that being part of the nouveau riche would allow for the benefit of seeing the results of hard work and would also help maintain perspective on the daily struggles of the lower classes.

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What a great question! Thinking about the social circles of the very wealthy is a fun idea to toss around, generally speaking. So which would be the group I'd rather be part of—the longtime wealthy or the newly wealthy?

Although it isn't Daisy's choice (as Gatsby himself isn't her choice and his wealth not enough for her lifestyle, which demands longtime family money), I'd much rather enjoy the company of people like Gatsby who have earned their money themselves. There is something very Americana in the idea of beginning with very little, working tirelessly, and accumulating wealth based on your own hard work. I think this group of people would have overall higher standards for hard work and discipline, which I personally value. I think that a lifestyle like Tom's, where money has never been a concern, would lead to a certain degree of idleness and even laziness. I also think that this type of wealth could be divisive, making it hard for people to understand the struggles of the lower classes or how hard it is for some people to earn enough money to live.

Gatsby knows what it is like to long for something he doesn't have. He knows how it feels to be unable to afford the things in life that he desires. And he also knows the feeling of hard work in making his dreams a reality. Tom and Daisy don't know how to work hard; they've never had to. Instead, Daisy dreams that her daughter will grow up to be a "beautiful little fool" so that she can accept the mistreatment and invisibility she's bound to encounter in her own marriage one day.

So if given the choice, I'd rather be a part of the nouveau riche who have known a different way of life and who have worked hard to accomplish their own goals.

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