In The Great Gatsby, how are Daisy and Gatsby similar and different? Can you support it with 4 quotes relative to each charactor?

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Here are some additional ways in which Daisy and Gatsby are similar, along with quotations:

Both Daisy and Gatsby are overcome with emotion after their reunion at Nick's house. Back at Gatsby's house, Nick says, "They had forgotten me [...]. I looked once more at them and they looked back at me, remotely, possessed by intense life." Both of them seem to be experiencing genuine, intense feelings for one another, as well as, perhaps, some disbelief that this moment has finally arrived.

Both Daisy and Gatsby enjoy irritating Tom , Daisy's husband. When Gatsby introduces Tom at the party he hosts and to which he invites Tom and Daisy, he calls Tom "'the polo player,'" to which Tom replies "Oh, no [...], not me." Gatsby continues to introduce Tom in this way, however, even though Tom would "rather not be [called] the polo player." Earlier in the text, Daisy accuses Tom of hurting her finger, and she calls him, a "great, big, hulking physical specimen." Tom, though, says that he hates the word...

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