In The Great Gatsby, compare the setting of the party in chapter two with the setting of the party in chapter one.

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In chapter 1, the characters participate in a dinner party in Tom and Daisy's East Egg mansion. This beautiful mansion is symbolic of Tom and Daisy's riches and gives the reader a strong first impression of the Buchanans.

This large residence can be described as extravagant. It shows how materialism in the 1920s was getting a little out of control. The mansion overlooks the Long Island Sound. It is a very desirable piece of real estate. The house also contains one of the most important pieces of symbolism in the novel, the green light at the end of the dock.

In chapter 2, the setting changes dramatically as Tom Buchanan takes Nick into the city and the reader is introduced his small apartment reserved for his extramarital affairs. In contrast to the mansion from chapter 1, the apartment is described as small. It is simple, with a small living room, dining room, and a bathroom.

The author, F. Scott Fitzgerald , describes the furniture as being too large for the apartment. He describes it being a...

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