In The Great Gatsby, compare the characters of Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson.

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Both Gatsby and Myrtle Wilson come from very humble backgrounds. As such, they have a passionate desire to climb their way up the social ladder. Surrounded by wealth and glamor, they want a piece of the action and don't really care all that much how they get it.

Gatsby, for his part, engages in all kinds of shady criminal activities in order to achieve the American Dream, whereas Myrtle is willing to allow herself to become the sexual plaything of a rich man in the forlorn hope that he will leave his wife and marry her instead. In both cases, moral compromises have been made, indicating that, for people on the bottom rung of this increasingly materialistic society, the only way to get ahead is through selling your soul.

In this regard, Gatsby is way more successful than Myrtle. He ends up fantastically wealthy, living in a large, opulent mansion in which he enjoys every possible creature comfort that money can buy. Myrtle, though lavished with expensive gifts by her rich boyfriend, Tom...

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