In The Giver, what shows Jonas demonstrating integrity, wisdom, intelligence, courage, and the capacity to see beyond?

Jonas demonstrates integrity by following and adhering to the community's many rules: using precise language, telling his dreams, and refraining from discussing his training sessions. Jonas demonstrates wisdom and intelligence by carefully evaluating the principles of Sameness and recognizing the negatives attached to the community's culture. Jonas exercises courage by enduring the painful memories and demonstrates the capacity to see beyond by seeing the red color of an apple.

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During the annual December Ceremony when Jonas receives his assignment, the Chief Elder explains that the new Receiver of Memory must possess intelligence, integrity, courage, wisdom, and the capacity to see beyond. Jonas meets the qualifications to become the community's next Receiver of Memory and demonstrates integrity by following the rules, being honest, and telling the truth. For example, Jonas shows integrity by carefully choosing the correct word to describe his feelings regarding the upcoming December Ceremony:

Apprehensive, Jonas decided. That's what I am.

Jonas understands the importance of using precise language and censors himself to obey the community's rules. Jonas also shows integrity by elaborating on his embarrassing, strange dream involving Fiona. Despite feeling embarrassed and awkward, Jonas adheres to the community's rules by telling his dream. Another example of Jonas exercising integrity is his refusal to discuss his training sessions with anyone in the community....

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