In The Giver, what does The Giver tell Jonas when he is transmitting the memories to Jonas?

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The Giver tells Jonas to lie down with his shirt off and he places his hands on his back to transmit the memories.

The first time Jonas received a memory, he had no idea what was happening.  The Giver had tried to explain to him that the memories felt like he was sledding downhill, but Jonas had no understanding of sleds, hills, or snow.  The Giver told him that the first memory would be of snow then.

"Well, it's a place to start. I'd been wondering how to begin. Move to the bed, and lie face down. Remove your tunic first." (Ch. 10)

Jonas has been told that he will experience pain during his training, and that he needs courage.  This worries him a little.  No on in the community has ever really known pain, because if anyone gets hurt they are given pain relief medicine immediately.  Jonas knows the memories will sometimes hurt.

The Giver assures Jonas that the first memory will not hurt though.

"Close your eyes. Relax. This will not be painful." (Ch. 10)

This is pretty much the procedure for The Giver when giving all of the memories to Jonas.  After the first time, The Giver asks Jonas how he feels, and Jonas says that he is surprised.  Since he never experienced any kind of weather before and there are no hills, sledding is a completely new experience for him.  After the memory, the Giver wants to continue but Jonas has a lot of questions. 

For the second memory, The Giver tells Jonas that he wants to know if Jonas can come to understandings on his own.

"Lie quietly now. Since we've entered into the topic of climate, let me give you something else. And this time I'm not going to tell you the name of it, because I want to test the receiving. You should be able to perceive the name without being told. …” (Ch. 10)

The second memory is different from the first because instead of being cold, Jonas is warm.  He also is not told that it is sunshine he is experiencing.  The word and concept just come to him from the memory.

The procedure is pretty much the same for every transmission.  He asks Jonas to lie down, and sometimes tells him what he will give him and sometimes does not.  Jonas comes in one day and The Giver is in great pain.  He asks Jonas to take some of it.

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