In The Giver, what are the steps to Jonas's plan of escape?

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Jonas and the Giver agree that the community needs to have all the memories of happiness, sadness, joy, and pain that had previously been held by the Giver and Jonas.  The way to make this happen is for Jonas to leave the community, because once he does, all the memories he has will be released into the community.  The Giver will stay because the community can't bear all the memories that both of them have, and to help the community deal with the pain.

The plan is for Jonas to wait for the naming ceremony to begin, and then to go to the Giver.  The Giver will give him memories of happiness and courage to give him strength, and then he will sneak out of the community without anyone knowing and leave.

However, Jonas finds out that Gabe is scheduled for release and instead decides to escape that same day.  He doesn't have time to go to the Giver, so he just finds Gabriel and then takes his father's bike.  Stealing the bike wasn't his original plan, but he needs a bike with a child seat, so he feels that he has no choice.  Jonas and Gabe then leave the community and do not return.

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Toward the end of "The Giver" Jonas and the Giver decide that Jonas will escape from the community so that the memories he has received will all go to the community and they will have to deal with feelings like pain, hunger, sorrow and war.  Jonas is to wait until just before the naming-ceremony and go to the Giver's house.  He is to go to the home of the Giver who will in turn give him many memories of courage and strength.  He will then sneak out of the community never to return.  The evening before he is supposed to leave however, he learns that Gabe is to be "released" the next morning so, he takes Gabe and leaves the community without saying good bye to the Giver. 

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