In "The Fight," the focus is on Alice and Isaac. Describe their predicament.

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Alice Greenwood and Isaac Jackson are a married couple. They play important roles in Dana’s time-travel quest to intervene for her ancestors; she meets Alice in more than one time period, as a child and as an adult. In the portion of “The Fight” when Dana enters the action, Isaac is fighting with Rufus, who has apparently raped Alice. Isaac, knowing he will be punished for beating a white man, has few options. He has already been in danger of being sold.

Alice has been a free woman of color, but Isaac is a slave. Dana promises not to reveal any information, sensing their plan to run away together, and offers to forge a safe-conduct pass. They do not accept this option, and later they are caught. Isaac is severely punished: his ears are cut off, causing him great pain and marking him for life. Alice loses her freedom, and Rufus buys her as his slave.

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