In The Egypt Game, what are the players watching for as they trick-or-treat?

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In chapter ten, Mr. Barkley and Mr. Kamata chaperone a group of trick-or-treaters throughout the neighborhood to make sure no one goes missing or is harmed by the murderer, who remains at large in their community. While the local children obediently follow the group, April, Melanie, Elizabeth, and Marshall make sure to remain at the back of the line, where they have an easier chance of leaving the group and traveling to Egypt without drawing attention.

While the Egyptians are walking at the back of the line, they begin looking for the secret omen, which April promised they would see during the evening and which would beckon them to Egypt. As the children stop at each house, they hardly notice the type of candy they receive because they are too focused on witnessing the secret omen.

After having a brief interaction with Ken Kamata and Toby Alvillar at the back of the line, Melanie stops the group and claims to see a shooting star, which is the secret omen instructing them to leave the group of trick-or-treaters and travel to Egypt. The girls immediately grab Marshall and proceed to travel to Egypt, which is particularly spooky at night. While they are participating in rituals and ceremonies, they hear some commotion coming from the fence and are shocked to learn that they have been followed by Ken and Toby.

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