In The Distance Between Us, what does Mago do to console Reyna after several instances of being called “an orphan”?

What Mago does in The Distance Between Us after Reyna is called an orphan is console her with memories. Mago shows Reyna their old house and the canal where she almost drowned, and she tells the story of her birth.

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To console Reyna after being called an orphan, Mago takes her to their former house. She shows Reyna where they used to live with their parents. Even though someone else is living in it now, it will always be their home. “No one can take that away from you,” says Mago. She concedes that Reyna probably doesn’t remember much about their dad, but the memories that she still holds about their mom and their house are hers to “keep forever.”

After showing Mago their old home, Mago takes Reyna to the canal. When Reyna was three, she nearly drowned in the canal. Mago, Carlos, and the other kids were playing in the water, and Reyna wanted to play in it too. She ended up jumping in. Fortunately, her mom came to the rescue.

Following the canal, Mago and Reyna head to the bamboo shack where their mom and dad lived as newlyweds. Mago then tells Reyna about the day she was born.

The visit to their old house, to the canal, and to their mom and dad’s shack and the story about her birth helps calm Reyna. By reminding her of her past, Mago helps Reyna learn that even though her mom isn’t with her physically, she can still be with her spiritually. As Mago tells the story of her birth, Reyna hears her mom’s heart beating against her ear. The scene reinforces the argument that Mago is consoling her sister with the intangible power of memories.

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