In "The Devil and Tom Walker," what is the relationship between Tom and his wife?

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The Devil and Tom Walker” is an 1824 short story written by Washington Irving and appearing in his Tales of a Traveller collection.

Tom and his wife have a combative and secretive relationship, driven mainly by their miserly personalities. Misers care only about attaining wealth and will often live unhealthy lives as they avoid spending money at all cost. We see this later in the narrative when Tom’s horses nearly starve to death even though Tom has more than enough money to feed them.

Tom and his wife live in a dilapidated house because they refuse to spend money on repairs. The couple constantly hide money from each other and constantly conspires to raid and steal the hidden money from their partner. These actions led to fights which turn physical and passersby can hear these altercations.

When Tom is offered the deal with the devil , he tells his wife he is having second thoughts, which shows he has some degree on conscience to weigh the positives and negatives. On the other hand, his...

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