In The Crucible, who was dancing in the forest with Tituba, and what were the motivations of each person?

In The Crucible, Abigail Williams, Mercy Lewis, Betty Parris, Ruth Putnam, and Mary Warren were dancing in the forest with Tituba. Mary likely joined the girls out of a desire to be included, Mercy appears to have been dancing in order to break the rules, Ruth went to Tituba on orders from her mother, Abigail wished to kill her former lover's wife, and Betty was likely there because of peer pressure.

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The audience knows that Abigail Williams, Mercy Lewis, Betty Parris, Ruth Putnam, and Mary Warren danced in the forest with Tituba before the beginning of the play and were caught by Abigail's uncle, Reverend Parris. According to Goody Putnam, she sent her daughter Ruth to instruct Tituba to conjure the dead spirits of her deceased babies. Being that Tituba is from Barbados, Goody Putnam assumes that she has experience in the dark arts and is capable of speaking to spirits. Therefore, Ruth was in the woods to do the bidding of her mother.

It is also revealed that Abigail Williams drank chicken blood during the escapade in an attempt to place a malevolent charm on Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail has strong feelings for Elizabeth's husband and desires to kill her. Tituba was simply following the girls' instructions. As a slave, Tituba lacks personal agency, is relatively voiceless, and is forced to obey the girls.

Reverend Parris remarks that he saw someone dancing in the nude, which turns out...

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