In The Crucible, what kind of a man is Reverend Hale when he first arrives in Salem compared to the man he is in act 4?

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Hale is the confident local expert minister on witchcraft and exorcism. He walks into the scene with his heavy books that suggest a man of intellect on a very serious issue. He comes into town as an authority and a man of head knowledge.

However, by the end of the Act IV, he has a much changed heart. See, in religion we often focus on the rituals and routines, but what is more important sometimes is what is in the heart. Hale sees that in the man John Proctor. Hale sees that what he thought he knew to be true really wasn't true, but the magistrates wouldn't believe him. Therefore, he tries to get Proctor to confess to witchcraft to save Proctor's life, but Proctor won't lie about such a thing. Hale loves this intense application of faith, but his heart hurts for the injustice going on.


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