The Crucible Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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In The Crucible, is John Proctor moral? Why or why not?  

John Proctor can be considered a moral character because he selflessly sacrifices his reputation in an attempt to save his wife, choosing to die a martyr to put an end to the unjust Salem witch trials. Despite his obvious flaws, John finds redemption through his sacrifices and admirably atones for his past sins.

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Although John Proctor committed adultery by cheating on Elizabeth with Abigail Williams, one could argue that he is indeed a moral individual because he valiantly refuses to capitulate to Salem's crooked officials, attempting instead to undermine the corrupt court and put an end to the witch trials. In acts one and two, John Proctor struggles with his conscience and does not want to get involved in the witch trials. Despite knowing that Abigail is a fraud, John does not expose her as a liar because he...

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