In The Crucible, how do the characters manipulate each other? What do Reverend Parris, Thomas Putnam, and Abigail Williams do?

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There are several prominent characters in positions of authority who manipulate and lie to the population and other characters in order to maintain their positions of power or increase their wealth. Reverend Parris manipulates the population by hiding the fact that Abigail and his daughter were dancing in the woods and accusing John Proctor and other citizens of attempting to undermine the court's authority. Parris also helps perpetuate the witchcraft hysteria once he aligns himself with the officials and supports the corrupt court to secure his position of authority.

Thomas Putnam manipulates Salem's community by perpetuating the witchcraft hysteria and instructing his daughter to accuse innocent citizens of witchcraft in order to buy their forfeited land. Thomas Putnam essentially uses the witch trials as a land grab by purchasing the forfeited properties of citizens who offer false confessions.

Abigail Williams also manipulates the entire community by initially accusing Tituba of...

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