In The Count of Monte Cristo, which aliases does Edmond Dante use for certain characters? Example: Abbé Busoni for Caderousse. Aliases: Sinbad the Sailor, Chief Clerk of Thompson and French, Abbé Busoni, Lord Wilmore, the Count of Monte Cristo.  

In The Count of Monte Cristo, Edmond Dantès uses the alias "Abbé Busoni" for Caderousse, "Sinbad the Sailor" for Julie Morrel, "Chief Clerk of Thompson and French" for M. Morrel, "Lord Wilmore" for the Morrels, and "the Count of Monte Cristo" for many other characters.

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After he escapes from the Château d’If, Edmond Dantes will need to forge a new identity, and not content with one disguise, he chooses five different ones: Abbé Busoni, a clerk of the house of Thomson & French of Rome, Lord Wilmore, Sinbad the Sailor, and, of course, the Count of Monte Cristo.

It’s worth considering why Dantès chooses certain aliases for certain people. Dantès disguises himself as the Abbé Busoni, for instance, to speak with Caderousse, one of the men responsible for Dantès’s imprisonment (he was perhaps the least culpable of the men on whom Dantès seeks revenge). Appearing before a swine like Caderousse as a man of God is an example of Dantès’s belief that he is an avenging angel called by Providence. There is poetic justice at play here, too, since Caderousse never feels guilt for the role he played, never repents for what he does, and indeed becomes more and more immoral as the story proceeds.

Meanwhile, to his friends, Dantès usually appears as one...

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