In the context of this poem, how do people face death?

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In this poem, the narrator argues that the "seraphs" (angels) in heaven are so envious of the love he and Annabel shared that they send a chill wind to kill her. She dies, and the speaker mourns, but he copes with death by insisting that the bond he shares with Annabel can never be broken. He states that nothing, neither angels nor demons, can ever

dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee ...
The souls of the two lovers are forever united. The seraphs have lost out in their attempt to spoil the love between the two.
Further, the speaker copes by seeing reminders of Annabel in nature, especially at night. The moonbeams comfort him as reminders of her. When the stars shine in heaven, they seem as if they are her eyes shining down on him. The sound of sea at night also acts as a memory of her, bringing solace.

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