In the chapter "Wishbone" in Speak, what is finally shown?

In the chapter “Wishbone” in Speak, what is finally shown is Melinda’s ability to grapple with her raw and dislocated feelings and emotions.

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What is finally shown in the chapter “Wishbone” could relate to Melinda’s feelings. In this section, one might get the impression that Melinda is slowly but surely figuring out how to express the pain that is inside her. She’s starting to discover concrete ways to deal with hurt and with upsetting situations.

In this chapter, the distress has to do with a turkey. In the previous chapter, Melinda shows how disastrous her Thanksgiving is, resulting in “butchered dirty meat.” At first, Melinda gets rid of the evidence from the unfortunate meal. However, before school, she retrieves the bones from the trash so that she can use them in art class.

In art class, she makes something like a collage using the bones, knives, forks, a semi-melted Lego palm tree, and a headless Barbie doll.

This piece of art finally shows Melinda’s ability to take disparate, discarded things and turn them into something whole. It’s as if the arrangement of these items represents the way in which Melinda is trying to organize the fragmentation and rupture that she feels due to the sexual assault.

Again, if the artwork can be interpreted as representative of Melinda’s feelings, then it’s reasonable to argue that what is finally shown in this chapter is Melinda’s willingness to tangibly confront and make something out of her raw emotions.

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