In The Catcher in the Rye, how did Holden spend all his money when he was in New York City? He had 180 dollars and spent it all. Then he needed to get more from Phoebe; but what did he spend all that on?

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Holden and money do not stay together very long. He is so used to having money that he doesn't think about what he's spending. He even tells us that his father makes a lot of money, almost making an excuse for himself as to why he so carelessly spends it.

Since he has decided he cannot go home (his parents will find out he failed out of another school), Holden tries to make the best of his trip to New York City. If we keep a running list, we see that he thinks nothing of hopping into a taxi to travel around the city, frequents bars and restaurants, pays for his hotel room, and spends money on various other activities and miscellaneous items.

Let's not forget about the money that Maurice took from him, which is why he checks out of the hotel and stores his bags in a locker (more money). Holden's date with Sally probably costs him quite a bit since they go to a show and go ice skating. We should...

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