In "The Cask of Amontillado," Montresor gives Fortunato a draught of Medoc. How does it help, and how does it harm him?

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The author Edgar Allan Poe sets up certain conditions which help Montresor to achieve his purpose of leading Fortunato to his death. Perhaps the most important one is that Fortunato is drunk. Montresor has an easier time manipulating his victim because he is too intoxicated to be thinking clearly. So it is to Montresor's advantage to keep Fortunato drunk until he has him in chains. While they are in the catacombs Montresor twice gives Fortunato more wine to drink. He gives him the Medoc after Fortunato has a long coughing fit. The Medoc helps by relieving the cough, but it hurts by keeping Fortunato drunk and at the mercy of his crafty enemy.

Fortunato's cough is another clever invention of author Edgar Allan Poe. It takes a long time for Montresor and...

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