In "The Cask of Amontillado,"  how does Montresor lure Fortunato farther and farther into the catacombs?

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Montresor lures Fortunato to his wine vaults first by playing on Fortunato's pride as a connoisseur of wine. He sets the bait by informing Fortunato that he has a pipe of amontillado but is not sure it is genuine. Fortunato, proud of his knowledge of wine, cannot resist the chance to show off his knowledge. Montresor adds that he doesn't want to bother him and that his other friend, Luchesi, can test the wine. Fortunato insists that he's the best judge and follows Montresor to the vaults. 

Once he gets him in the vaults/catacombs, still acting as the good friend, Montresor notes Fortunato's cough and says that they should go back out. The vaults are cold and damp. Montresor's warnings are to show that he cares for his friend's health. However, this just makes Fortunato want to continue. It's as if Fortunato is a child being told what not to do, and this just makes him want to do it all the more. Once again, Montresor proposes that they leave the vaults because these are bad conditions for one who has a bad cough. And once again, he says he can summon his friend Luchesi. But Fortunato won't be outdone by Luchesi. He wants to test Montresor's wine to prove to him whether or not it is an authentic Amontillado. Montresor also uses wine/alcohol to lure him farther in. It alleviates Fortunato's cough and keeps him inebriated, making it easier for Montresor to continue manipulating him and lure him farther in. 

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