In The Call of the Wild, where did Buck live until he was four years old?

In The Call of the Wild, Buck lives at Judge Miller's home in Santa Clara, California, until he is four years old.

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Buck’s life, which turns out to be a dramatic tale, starts out very comfortably, with Buck being a much-loved pet in “sun-kissed” Santa Clara, California. He is a blend of St. Bernard and Scotch collie, and he belongs to Judge Miller.

Judge Miller’s house, where Buck lived until he was four years old, is described as being partly hidden from the road and having a big veranda that ran around it. It is a splendid place for a dog to live, with plenty of space to run around. There are “wide-spreading lawns” and a “spacious scale” of land that Buck gets to explore.

Despite there being other dogs on the property, Buck is described as the canine ruler of Judge Miller’s property for the bulk of these formative years, and he made the most of every joy that came with his position, going on hunting adventures with the Judge’s sons and for walks with his daughters. In answering this question, you could mention that he is an important part of the family during this time, watching over the Judge’s grandchildren and living “the life of a sated aristocrat.”

The environment in which he grew up tragically plays a role in the suffering and dramatic changes that would come later in his life. The muscular physique that he develops doubtless plays a role in Manuel’s decision to steal him to sell to dog traders.

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