In The Call of the Wild, author Jack London shows Buck to have human qualities, thoughts and behaviors. Find an example of this in the book and show how the example makes Buck appear to be "like human."

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The short novel The Call of the Wild by Jack London tells of a dog named Buck that is abducted from his comfortable home in the Santa Clara Valley in California and sold to be a sled dog in the far North. He is forced into arduous toil on the trail and must fight with other dogs for his survival and for leadership of the dog team. After being passed from owner to owner, Buck eventually ends up with John Thornton, a man he truly loves and respects. However, after venturing far into the wilderness in search of gold, Thornton and his partners are killed by Indians. Buck spurns the civilization of humankind and becomes the leader of a pack of wild wolves.

Although London occasionally steps back and presents historical and background information from an omniscient context, he mainly sticks to Buck's point of view throughout the story. He not only describes Buck's actions but also delves into Buck's thoughts and emotions. In doing so, he sometimes uses anthropomorphism , which is the attribution of...

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