In The Bronze Bow, what does Jesus say is the true enemy? What can conquer this enemy?

In The Bronze Bow, Jesus says that the true enemy is hate. The only thing that can conquer hate is love. This message disappoints Daniel, whose heart is full of hatred towards the Romans, who killed his good friend Samson.

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Daniel has approached Jesus to warn him that he is in danger. His enemies in the synagogue have turned against him, and Daniel is afraid that they'll try to kill Jesus.

Jesus thanks him for letting him know. But he senses that that's not all that's troubling Daniel. The young man is in fact deeply troubled, and the reason for this, as he tells Jesus, is that everything that he's hoped for, everything he's lived for, has failed. As Daniel explains, he's lived for two things: vengeance for his father's death and freedom for his people.

Daniel is still upset at the death of his friend Samson and is determined to gain revenge. But the peace-loving Jesus tells Daniel that Samson showed love in laying down his life for his friend and that such love cannot be repaid by hate.

Jesus goes on to explain that the true enemy is hate, which does not die by killing. The only thing that's stronger than hate is love. This isn't what Daniel wants to hear. His heart is so full of vengeance and hatred that Jesus's message is lost on him. He doesn't understand why Jesus can't lead the people of Israel to fight against the Romans.

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