In The Bronze Bow, in what way does Leah become more outgoing when she is at Simon's house and why?

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Daniel and Leah have moved into Simon's place to mind the store while he goes off to follow Jesus. By a subtle ruse, Daniel was able to get Leah, who's terrified of the outside world, to move out of her house. (She traveled in a wagon whose windows were covered by curtains so that no one could see her.)

Once she is established in Simon's house, it quickly becomes clear to Daniel that Leah's very much in her element. He's surprised to see how skillfully she weaves cloth at her loom. People are actually coming into Simon's shop to buy it, not because they feel sorry for Leah, but because the cloth she weaves is of the finest quality.

As well as weaving cloth, Leah also makes bread—again, much to Daniel's astonishment. It seems he never really knew just how talented she was. When Daniel tries his hand at bread-making, he's totally amazed when Leah shows him how to do it properly.

And later on, there's another surprise in store for Daniel when he discovers that his sister shows him how to tend to the little vegetable garden behind Simon's house. With gardening, as with baking and weaving, it seems that Leah has somehow remembered all the things she once watched her grandmother do.

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