In the book The Giver, what is the point-of-view in the story?

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Remember when we are talking about point of view there are three main types of style: first person, third person limited and omniscient. First person point of view is easy to detect as the narrator tells the tale from his or her perspective, using "I" throughout. Omniscient, likewise is easy to spot as the narrator has access into everyone's minds and thoughts, so we know the motives of everyone. An omniscient narrator does not dwell too long with any one character - they are able to penetrate all characters. Third person limited, on the other hand, is told in the third person - "he" or "she", put the narrator focuses only on one character and tells the story from his or her point of view.

As you can see from these descriptions, The Giver is clearly written in third person limited. We see the story from Jonas' point of view and we are privy to his thoughts and feelings. We are never given access to the thoughts and feelings of other characters except when they willingly disclose them.

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