In the book Speak, what quotes show humor, sarcasm, honesty, courage, and irony?

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Melinda's dry humor is illustrated in this statement, especially in the understated commentary, "roar":

"the school board has come out against calling us the Devils.  We are now the Merryweather Tigers.  Roar (p.41, "Name Name Name").

Sarcasm is communicated by Melinda in this observation about her so-called friends:

"If I sit in the's the best chance I have to make eye contact with one of my friends, if any of them have decided to talk to me yet" (p.3, "Welcome to Merryweather High").

By the end of the book, Melinda can finally look at what has happened with frankness and honesty.  She verbalizes,

"IT running away...or hiding.  Andy Evans raped me in August when I was drunk and too young to know what was happening...He hurt me.  It wasn't my fault" (p.198, "Final Cut").

I think the most courageous statement Melinda makes is her brief but assertive response when she is being victimized again by Andy Evans.  She says unequivocably,

"I said no" (p.195, "Prey").

Melinda demonstrates irony in her list of "The First Ten Lies They Tell You in High School".  The first item on the list, which she has found to be so completely untrue, is

"We are here to help you" (p.5, "Welcome to Merryweather High").

I have used the 1999 Giroux version of the book as reference.  Pages may vary in different editions, so I have included section titles as well.

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