In the book Monster by Walter Dean Myers, was it clearly stated if Steven is guilty or innocent, or do they not say?

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Although Steve Harmon was acquitted and found not guilty of participating in the robbery and the murder of Alguinaldo Nesbitt, there is substantial evidence to suggest that he did agree to participate in the crime. Steve's job was to enter the convenience store and make sure the coast was clear before James King and Bobo robbed the place. Steve was certainly inside the store before the robbery took place, but whether he had intentions of notifying the other men is purposely left ambiguous. It is suggested that Steve might have experienced a change of heart while in the store and decided to not follow through with his role—he did not give James King or Bobo a signal after leaving the store, even though there was an older woman inside.

In a journal entry on July 10th, Steve also recalls leaving the store and trying to blank his mind, which suggests that he was guilty and involved in the crime. During Petrocelli's cross-examination, Steve lies about being in the drugstore on the day of...

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