The Giver Questions and Answers
by Lois Lowry

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In the book called The Giver, what was the first thing that Jonas saw in Elsewhere?

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In chapter 21, Jonas is forced to abandon his earlier escape plan and flee the community immediately in order to save Gabriel's life. Jonas proceeds to steal his father's bike and some food before he escapes the community under the cover of darkness. Jonas rides with Gabriel throughout the night and narrowly avoids the community's search planes by transferring memories of the cold to Gabe, which will make it difficult for the heat-sensing technology to identify them among the brush. The further Jonas travels from the community, the closer he gets to Elsewhere, which is a foreign village not affected by Sameness.

At the beginning of chapter 22, Jonas notices minor changes in the landscape. The road becomes less even and it is difficult for him to balance his bike. Jonas then decides to travel by day and notices that the trees are more numerous and the forest is significantly denser. Jonas realizes that he is getting close to Elsewhere when he sees a bird for the first time and is surrounded by natural wildlife. Jonas also sees deer, wildflowers, and fish swimming in the stream. The landscape becomes more treacherous, and Jonas struggles to climb to the top of a snowy hill with Gabe, where he sees a red sled waiting for him. Jonas then looks towards Elsewhere, where he sees a small, cozy village. The novel ends with Jonas riding down the snowy hill with Gabe towards the village in Elsewhere.

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