In the book Animal Farm, what are some examples of racism?

In the book Animal Farm, the most obvious example of racism in the story would be the superior attitude of the pigs towards the other animals. The pigs regard themselves as more intelligent than the other creatures, which is why they believe that they’re entitled to special privileges.

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The Animalist revolution that sent Mr. Jones and his wife packing from the farm was supposed to usher in a new era of freedom and equality, in which there would no longer be any artificial hierarchies in place. According to Old Major’s teachings, once the hated human oppressor had been overthrown, all animals would enjoy complete equality.

But as we soon discover, some animals are more equal than others. Once the revolution has taken place and the animals take over the running of the farm, Napoleon and the other pigs start lording it over the other animals. Their attitude is marked by a kind of racism—or, to be more accurate, speciesism—that is based on a belief in the pigs’ supposed superiority.

For one thing, the pigs regard themselves as by far and away the smartest animals on the farm. According to the likes of Napoleon, this doesn’t just entitle them to rule; it also entitles them to special privileges such as good food, alcohol, and soft bedding.

Animal Farm is, of course, a

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