In the book And Then There Were None, how do the guests react to the accusations?

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In Agatha Christie’s novel And Then There Were None, the dinner guests are all accused of murder. This accusation shocks them, and they all respond with various forms of indignation and shock.

Mr. Rogers dropped his coffee tray, and his wife fainted at the accusation. General Macarthur’s hands shook, and his shoulders slumped at the news. Mr. Blore began sweating and took out his handkerchief to mop his face dry.

Justice Wargrave sat still but scratched his ear and surveyed the scene, trying to deduce what happened. Miss Brent did not react much, although her cheeks flushed some. Vera Clayborne became hysterical and refused to listen to the gramophone. Mr. Lombard went in search of the culprit and found the gramophone with a message on it.

Mr. Marston got some liquor and poured everyone a drink, while Dr. Armstrong claimed he didn’t remember the patient and went to help Mr. Rogers. When they brought the gramophone, he declared the whole incident a practical joke.

They were all...

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