In The Bluest Eye, what happens to Mrs. Breedlove's foot when she is a little girl? How do Cholly Breedlove and Mrs. Breedlove first meet each other? How does Mrs. Breedlove describe the beginning of their relationship? What happens after they move north?

In The Bluest Eye, Pauline Breedlove as a teenager becomes restless and dreams that a man will come into her life and take her away with him. One day, she is cleaning her nails in her yard when she meets her future husband. Cholly tickles her bad foot and kisses her leg. The two fall in love, get married, and relocate to Ohio in search of job opportunities.

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In the seventh chapter of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye, we learn about Pauline Breedlove's backstory and how she met her husband.

She is born Pauline Williams in Alabama, but later moves to Kentucky. She has a lonely, isolated childhood. As a teenager, she finds herself restless and longing for love and excitement. She fantasizes that a man will come into her life and whisk her away.

One day, her fantasy comes to pass. As Pauline is standing in her yard, cleaning flour from under her nails, she hears a man whistling in the distance. The whistling grows closer and louder. Soon after, she feels someone tickling her bad foot (as a toddler, Pauline stepped on a rusty nail and injured her foot; she has walked funny ever since) and kissing her leg.

The man is Cholly Breedlove. Meeting Cholly fills Pauline with a rainbow of colors which she connects to her happiest memories. The pair get to know each other better and fall in love. Cholly is the first person to ease her insecurity about her wounded foot and make her feel like it is a special, unique trait rather than a deformity. Soon after their courtship, they get married and move to Ohio, where steel mills are looking for workers.

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