In "The Blue Cross," list and explain three strategies that Father Brown uses to attract Valentin's attention.

In “The Blue Cross,” Father Brown, in the company of the thief Flambeau, leaves all sorts of oddities behind him to attract the attention of the policeman Valentin. He puts salt in a sugar container, throws soup on a wall, switches signs at a fruit-seller's store, knocks over apples, acts drunk, and deliberately breaks a window. In the process, he leads Valentin straight to Flambeau.

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In G. K. Chesteron's story “The Blue Cross,” the clever Father Brown finds himself in the company of Flambeau, the notorious thief, who is disguised as a priest but is bent on stealing the valuable blue cross that Father Brown is carrying to London. Father Brown is aware that he and his companion are being followed by the French policeman Aristide Valentin, and he plants some delightful clues to catch Valentin's attention and help the policeman follow his trail.

Valentin stops for breakfast at a little restaurant and shakes some sugar into his coffee—or at least he thinks it is sugar. Actually, it isn't. It's salt! He questions the waiter, who mentions “two clergymen,” one of whom had also thrown soup all over the wall. Valentin's attention has indeed been caught.

As he leaves the...

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