In "The Black Cat," where is the narrator as he writes this story?

In “The Black Cat,” the narrator is sitting in a prison cell as he writes his story. He's been tried and convicted for the murder of his wife, and he is awaiting execution for this abominable crime.

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The unnamed narrator in Edgar Allan Poe's “The Black Cat” is sitting in a prison cell, awaiting execution for the brutal ax murder of his wife. He killed her in a fit of rage, probably induced by a toxic combination of alcohol and mental illness.

When the police come around to his house, the narrator taps against the wall to assure them that there are no bodies buried behind it. All of a sudden, a blood-curdling scream emanates from behind the wall. Once the police have torn down the bricks, the corpse of the narrator's wife is discovered, with a missing cat sitting on top of her head.

The narrator is clearly guilty. He may try to blame the cat for his misfortunes, but the judicial system clearly didn't buy that explanation, and so he was convicted of his wife's murder and sentenced to death. The method of execution will be hanging, which is particularly appropriate given that that's how the narrator killed his cat, Pluto.

As he awaits his imminent execution, the narrator has a lot of...

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