How can I restate my thesis about The Crucible? My introductory paragraph is below.

In the beginning of Arthur Miller's revolutionary play The Crucible there are witch trials that is going on in Salem. Some of the individuals were convicted of being a witch, and some were somehow connected to those being convicted. Regardless of the fact that everyone played some part in the Witch Trials, there are three main people who are mostly responsible for the trials. The three people that was most responsible for these trials would be Abigail Williams, John Proctor, and Deputy-Governor Danforth. However in overall, its Abigail Williams's fault. She is the one that is responsible for the young girls getting together with Tituba to conjure up spirits. To put her far-off at fault, we can also say that she had an affair with the well respected citizen of Salem, John Proctor. This affair causes Abigail to make many shameful decisions that censure many people. She thinks that John Proctor still has some feelings for her, she wants to be with him, but Elizabeth is on her way. She makes this plan of witchcraft, believing in witches and that humans can get in touch with devils, to get her (Elizabeth) out of her (Abigail's) way.

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Abigail Williams and John Proctor had an affair. It seems like you are saying that Abigail conspired to frame Elizabeth and possibly other women. This would get Elizabeth out of the way and allow her to pursue her affair with John. Or, if this backfired, it would at least give her some revenge on John, who has decided to put an end to their affair. I think your thesis has to support or refute the idea that Abigail understood the religious fervor of Salem and knew they would react irrationally to the idea of girls dancing in the woods at night. Abigail conspired to start hysteria of witches in Salem, hoping to replace Elizabeth as John Proctor’s wife, or to get revenge on John for ending their relationship.

I think this is a good thesis, but I think you might have to say that it became much bigger than Abigail could have imagined. Maybe she did start this hysteria for revenge. Maybe she started it to get Elizabeth arrested so she could be with John. I doubt she could foresee how far it would go. That is something you probably should address as you support your thesis. It doesn’t affect your thesis at all but it would help to clarify the development throughout the play. Abigail started this thing for the reasons you’ve mentioned. But then you need to address if she planned the whole thing or if it got out of control. Abigail started everything but if it did get out of control, then others also at fault.

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