In the article "What makes good people do bad things?" by Melissa Dittmann, choose three factors you feel are most influential in steering people from good to bad, and explain why you feel they have the greatest impact.

Three influential factors Melissa Dittmann mentions that help steer people from good to bad behavior are dehumanizing others, anonymity, and the impression of controlling a situation. The factors have great impact because they tend to remove the sense of responsibility.

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Melissa Ditman’s article summarizes an address given by psychologist Philip Zimbardo, former president of the American Psychological Association and an emeritus professor at Stanford University. Zimbardo argues that anyone can be swayed into doing bad things. Three prominent influences are dehumanizing and labeling others through language, developing a sense of anonymity, and having the impression that one is in control of a situation.

Language is important because it can be used to distance the speaker from the subject of their negative speech. Terms that dehumanize others, such as by...

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