In The Alchemist, how did the alchemist help Santiago?

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The primary way that the Alchemist helps Santiago is that he teaches the boy the importance of believing in himself. On their numerous excursions into the desert, the Alchemist shows Santiago that all people are capable of connecting with the Soul of the World as long as they listen to the omens that occur around them. In the case of the narrative of this story, we are sometimes talking about literal omens. However, this also implies listening to and trusting our intuition. Santiago learns from the Alchemist's teachings that he has the power within him to achieve his Personal Legend. In order to do so, this will mean believing in himself and knowing that his fate is in his own hands.

By listening to omens, the Alchemist shows Santiago how to connect with the Soul of the World. This is the spiritual force that connects all things, including humans and nature. It helps him plug into the universal language that unites the universe. By understanding the natural world, Santiago is better...

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