In Tangerine, what does Mr. Fisher's boss frequently do? Why?

In Tangerine, Mr. Fisher's boss frequently spends time at stock-car races. In fact, he spends half his life at stock-car races, according to Mr. Fisher. Apparently, this is because he's crazy about the sport.

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Old Charley Burns is Mr. Fisher's boss. He's the director of the County Civil Engineering Department in Tangerine. When Mr. Fisher joins the Department, he works under Charley Burns. However, he soon discovers that Charley likes to spend much more time at the stock-car track than in the office.

As Paul's dad tells his family, with only a modicum of exaggeration, Charley Burns spends half his life at the stock-car races. Why? Because he's absolutely crazy about stock-car races. And so, if you want to find him, you're better off going to Talladega or Daytona than his office.

Charley makes his own hours. He's the boss and he can do pretty much anything he wants. However, he also tells Mr. Fisher that he can make his own hours, too. Paul's dad is just fine with this, as he'll be able to go to Erik's football practice.

In due course, it will transpire that old Charley Burns is not just crazy about stock-car racing; he's also crazy about taking bribes. When this information comes to light, it generates a huge scandal. In the aftermath, Charley dies of a heart attack and Mr. Fisher steps into his shoes as the new director of the Tangerine County Civil Engineering Department.

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