In Station Eleven, what did Laura ask Jeevan to bring home?

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Laura asks Jeevan to pick up milk.

When he rushes onstage during King Lear to help Arthur Leander when he suffers a heart attack, Laura decides to go home. He can't find her after the events and wonders whether she is waiting in the lobby. They'd been sitting in the front row before the play stopped.

He wonders whether she'll be upset or if she'll find his actions admirable. He thinks the second is less likely.

When Jeevan calls her, she doesn't answer. He walks outside, and the paparazzi try to get information out of him. He thinks he only wants to talk to Laura. However, his momentum fades when she texts him, saying that she had a headache, went home, and asking him to pick up some milk. He's upset that she left while he was performing CPR on a man who died.

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