In Spare Parts, which boy was at risk of being kicked off the team because of his grades?

In Spare Parts, Lorenzo is at risk of being kicked off the team because of his grades. Fredi tells him frankly that unless he passes all his classes by the end of the semester, he's off the robotics team.

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Lorenzo is astonished to learn from Fredi that unless he gets his grade point average up, then Fredi's going to have to kick him off the robotics team. Fredi keeps a close eye on the student grades of the members of his team, so he can clearly see that Lorenzo's falling behind in class.

The problem is that Lorenzo's been spending so much time doing robotics that it's having a negative impact on his schoolwork. In fact, it's distracting him so much that his geometry grade has dropped to a catastrophically bad F.

Under the circumstances, Fredi probably feels that he has no alternative but to scare Lorenzo straight. This he does by telling Lorenzo that unless he gets his GPA up, he'll kick him off the team. In reply to Lorenzo's surprised response, Fredi goes on to say that Lorenzo needs to pass all his classes by the end of the semester—otherwise, he's off the team.

Lorenzo understandably wants to know how he's supposed to do this. Fredi tells him bluntly that he needs to do the homework and sit in the front row; that way, he'll learn more. Lorenzo takes Fredi's warning to heart and starts studying hard. Not only that, but in geometry class, he moves up to the front row and starts asking the teacher questions.

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