Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Questions and Answers
by Pearl-Poet

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In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, how does Camelot represent good and the Green Chapel evil?

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Camelot is introduced as a charming and civilized space. Set during Christmastime, a period of merrymaking and community, the author describes Camelot as bustling with activity and youth:

This King lay royally at Camelot at Christmas tide with many fine lords, the best of men, all the rich bretheren of the Round Table, with right rich revel and ceaseless mirth. There full many heroes tourneyed betimes, jousted full gaily; then returned these gentle knights to the court to make carols.

The knights and their ladies are in harmony, dancing and laughing together. Everyone is described as being "in their prime." The food is bountiful. Overall, the author is suggesting Camelot is the pinnacle of civilization, as close to perfect as a...

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